Innovation for the people

Credma Limited are funding UK professionals developing British innovation for the people.

Working for the people we aim to save and create millions of jobs and change lives for the better with 75% of all major industry profits going back to the people and into local communities.

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Your Britain - your profit

Every business under Credma UK is part of the people profit project and guarantees 75% of all profits back to the people.

United we can secure jobs and reduce living costs to increase individual wage and wealth.

Supporting Local Business

Local business and tradesman will receive mass local support and incremental income from major industry profits.

United we will secure jobs and reduce living costs to increase individual wage and wealth across Britain.

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People Projects


Local Business Local People


Free Token Investment


Buy Back Britain


Kit Out Kids


People Profit


Crowd Funding Britain

Uniting Britain


For The People

Free and easy.

  • Transparent profit share.
  • Use PreBit at local members.
  • Save as high liquidity investment.
  • Exchange PreBit for cash.
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For Local Business

The Business Network That Matters.

  • Mass local advertising.
  • Preferred by local customers.
  • Employee PreBit incentive.
  • Customer PreBit incentive.
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